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Cycling for a Cure:
help us kick colorectal cancer in the butt!

Welcome to our website, We are Joseph Calderone and Karen Coleman and we are on a mission.

We want to make everyone aware of one of the deadliest diseases you can think of: colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer and rectal cancer. We want to help remove the stigma associated with your best asset!

Since 2006 we have been on a journey to END BREAST CANCER. Our journey has not stopped. We continue to create awareness and to help find a cure by fundraising for breast cancer research, care and education and participating in the Toronto Weekend to End Women's Cancers (formerly The Weekend to End Breast Cancer) each year.

However, because it is one of the biggest killers and there is such a stigma attached to it, we have made it our mission to help raise awareness of colorectal cancer too and our goal is to raise as much money as possible so we can kick colorectal cancer in the butt.

Top five deadliest cancers in Canada

Estimated Deaths by Cancer, 2009

For Women:

  • Lung (9,400)
  • Breast (5,400)
  • Colorectal (4,200)
  • Pancreatic (2,000)
  • Ovarian (1,750)

For Men:

  • Lung (11,200)
  • Prostate (4,400)
  • Colorectal (4,900)
  • Pancreatic (1,850)
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (1,750)

For Both:

  • Lung (20,500)
  • Colorectal (9,100)
  • Breast (5,400)
  • Prostate (4,400)
  • Pancreatic (3,900)

Staggering! Isn't it?

Source: Canadian Cancer Society: Canadian Cancer Statistics 2009

Why colorectal cancer?

Because in April 2009, Joseph's friend, Dave (Digger) Chute, passed away after a three-year long battle against colon cancer. He was only 46. Digger was too young to die. Colon cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer, but only if it is diagnosed early. Digger was diagnosed too late.

We don't want others to suffer like Digger did. By creating awareness of this silent but deadly disease we hope you will become less embarrassed to ask to be screened for polyps. We want you to become more aware, remove the stigma associated with colon and rectal cancer and to look after your booty. We want to kick colorectal cancer in the butt!

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Our mission began in 2008, when we decided to register for the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 2-day, 200 km bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls. We raised $5,000 benefitting Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and, on June 13 & 14 2009 we rode (as part of the Walkers on Bikes team) in honour and memory of Digger whose 47th birthday would have been the next day.

The event raised in excess of $13 milion for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, with the money we raised being used to help find a cure for colorectal cancer.

But we want to raise much, much more and we want to make more people aware of this deadly disease. So, we plan to continue to ride each year.

In 2010, we participated in the Ontario and Quebec Ride to Conquer Cancer and donated to the BC Ride, raising over $10,000 for colorectal cancer research.

In 2011 we will be taking part in the Ontario Ride again and need to raise another $5,000 minimum.

To help us achieve our goal we hold fundraising tag days throughout the year in south western Ontario. We also hope that by creating this website we will help raise more awareness about Canada's second leading cause of death by cancer!

If you would like to support our cause by making a donation please visit either Karen or Joseph's participant pages.

View slideshow of photos from the 2009 Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer.

View photos of Karen riding in the 2010 Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer which took place on June 12 & 13.

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