Photos from the 2009 Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer: 1. Joseph Calderone, 2. 3000 riders wait to depart, 3. Joseph holding poster of Dave (Digger) Chute, 4. Joseph kissing Chad Cieslik's head

About raising funds and
creating awareness about colorectal cancer

Our website,, has been created to help create awareness of colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer and rectal cancer.

On April 15th, 2009, Joseph lost a friend, Dave (Digger) Chute, to colon cancer. In June, we rode in his memory and honour in the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer, a two-day 200 km bicycle ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls. We raised $5,000 benefitting Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) to help find a cure for colorectal cancer.

In 2010, Karen rode in both the Ontario and Quebec Rides. Unfortunately, due to a back injury Joseph was only able to participate in the Quebec Ride. However, we had already begun our fundraising for all four rides and between us raised over $10,000 for colorectal cancer benefitting PMH, the Jewish Cancer Centre in Quebec and the BC Cancer Foundation.

Most of the money we raise for these Rides is through fundraising at stores throughout Ontario. However, we feel it's not enough to just sit at a table collecting donations from customers in busy stores on weekends. The money raised from our fundraising tag days will help find a cure and provide much needed care, but people don't always have time to stop and ask questions... and we don't have all the answers.

By creating this website, which is accessible 24/7/365, we are able to bring this deadly disease to the attention of a much wider audience. Our aim is to make more people aware of Canada's third most common cancer in adults (Statistics Canada) and to include links to useful websites that provide more in-depth answers to your questions.

Look after your greatest asset

Early detection is the key to an early diagnosis, treatment and ultimately survival. This is only possible if you become more aware of the risks associated with the disease as well as its symptoms, and you need to know the importance of early detection through regular screening tests.

Most importantly, we want to help remove the stigma associated with colon and rectal cancers. You need to feel comfortable discussing symptoms with your doctor so that an early diagnosis can be made, even if it turns out your symptoms are totally unrelated.

A cure for all cancers, not just colorectal cancer, may be a long time in coming. In the meantime, we want to see an increased survival rate of colon and rectal cancer victims. And we hope that by creating awareness through our website it will go a long way in helping to improve Canada's current colorectal cancer statistics.

In time, we hope to include a blog with stories from survivors of colorectal cancer and from family and friends who have lost loved ones as a result of the disease. We hope that these stories will inspire others to take action and look after their booty.

If you have a story to tell, please email us at

Read Katie Couric's testimony to the US Senate Select Committee in March 2009 in which she tells of her dream of removing the stigma associated with colon cancer.

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